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4 out of 10 Belgian employers employs employees internationally in our country

06 October 2020 Employers
Christophe Hameeuw
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What is stopping employers from employing foreign workers?

Our panel survey shows that 61% of the panellists do not have foreign workers on their payroll, even though they indicate that there is a shortage on the Belgian labour market.

What exactly stops them from employing foreign workers? The differences in language and culture (38% and 31%), but also the differences concerning legislation (18%) and expectation patterns (11%) are a stumbling block for many. While the latter are obstacles that are quite easy to overcome. Only 1% of employers see pay as a challenge.

Europeans are in particular demand

Employers who employ foreign workers in Belgium prefer Europeans. Presumably this has to do with the fact that these workers do not have to move as far. In addition, the limited administrative burden undoubtedly plays a role.

Of course, the distance from foreign workers in the EU is literally and figuratively shorter than that to workers elsewhere, given the free movement of people. And, of course, certain forms of foreign employment are more established than others. For example, seasonal work from Eastern Europe in the fruit and construction sectors.

Don't let country borders define your recruitment pool

The shortest way may be the easiest, at least, if you find that knowledge and skills you're looking for in your own home town. If not, country borders are not the right parameter to delineate your recruitment pool.

Because potential and talent should prevail, even outside the EU. Chances are your future IT specialist or engineer is still living in India or Portugal today. Are you considering recruiting talent from those areas? We are happy to take over the HR administration of your foreign employees.

Recruiting foreign workers?

Don't have your personnel policy dictated by geographical boundaries and differences in legislation. Trust our consultants' expertise.

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Written by Christophe Hameeuw

Managing consultant Tax & International

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