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Getting your organisation ready for the future is done with outsourcing

02 February 2021 Cleo Kinnaer Employers

Everything evolves. Faster than ever. Due to corona, changes and legislative changes present themselves almost non-stop and at a rapid pace, and must be implemented and processed immediately or even retroactively in the payroll. How do you prevent the continuity of your personnel services from being compromised? And above all: how do you prepare your organization for future challenges?

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Current personnel service challenges

The crisis puts a lot of pressure on our companies' personnel services. Because not only the speed with which everything changes, but the increasing workload also creates additional challenges. For example:

  • the implementation of home work allowances;
  • drawing up policies around the strict follow-up of employees affected by covid;
  • colleagues who call on the personnel services department with questions about their personal situation;
  • employees who are resigning;
  • ....

In times of crisis, it is even more important that every colleague receives his pay or allowance in good time. Whether it is a working colleague, sick colleague or temporarily unemployed colleague, it doesn't matter. Fortunately, due to the current situation, most personnel services have placed a correct and timely payroll at the top of their agenda.

It's not over yet

Unfortunately, the personnel services themselves are faced with absences, which jeopardises the continuity of personnel management and even the payment of wages. One thing's for sure: we're far from seeing the last of corona. And yet, there is no need to panic. Use this momentum to highlight your personnel services' organisation.

Make your organisation future proof

Research whether the organization of your personnel services will be able to face the challenges that undoubtedly still await us. The following questions will help you on your way:

  • Can I guarantee the continuity of my business? What do I do if my critical payroll managers fail?
  • Do I have access to the right expertise, to the latest information to do my payroll correctly? Do I have the right knowledge and resources?
  • Is my personnel services adjustable and flexible enough to quickly take on new tasks when the situation demands it? Do I have the right (and sufficient) profiles?

Use the answers to these questions to make strategic choices. As a company, you can invest in additional resources, tools, digitization and other profiles. Another sustainable alternative that is definitely worth considering is outsourcing.

Outsourcing in response to current challenges

Outsourcing of (part of) the activities of the personnel services department plays a key role in realising the new challenges facing the personnel services department.

Business process outsourcing offers you:

  1. continuity: the processes you outsource are realized in a timely manner based on your agreements and requirements;
  2. processes that are legally compliant: your outsourcing partner follows legal changes closely, applies them if necessary and gives advice;
  3. access to accurate and up-to-date information, specialised profiles and expertise;
  4. a positive image as an employer: the processes you outsource are organised efficiently and in a high quality, which has a positive impact on your employee satisfaction;
  5. increased well-being: outsourcing equals letting go of your worries. By outsourcing processes, your employees get time for other important things and can, for example, focus on the new role of the HR departments, around the 'new way of working' and well-being.

Moreover, outsourcing can be used by companies of any size and you can choose how much (or how little) you outsource to the external party.

Cost savings due to outsourcing

In addition to time, outsourcing also saves you costs: you don't need to hire new employees and therefore don't incur additional expensive labour costs, you don't have to buy new tools and technologies, expand or adapt your infrastructure or make expensive investments. You get instant access to everything you need and can rest assured that your business processes are in experienced hands.

Tailored payroll services

Acerta's experts support you flexibly with the payroll services you need – where, when and how you want it. This allows you to concentrate confidently on your core activities.

Payroll Services

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Written by Cleo Kinnaer

Manager Acerta Consult

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