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Starten als kinesist

Starting as a physiotherapist

Have you successfully completed your training in physiotherapy? Then you probably want to start as an independent physiotherapist as soon as possible. In order to practice your independent profession , you must first meet a number of mandatory requirements. And there is some paperwork involved. But don't worry: Acerta is happy to take that administrative burden off your shoulders.
Your step-by-step plan

Your certification and visa

Your NIHDI number

2. Your NIHDI number

As a physiotherapist, you need a NIHDI number. Without it, the health insurance fund cannot (partially) reimburse the cost of treatment to your patients. After you have received your certification and visa, you can submit your application for registration as a physiotherapist to the NIHDI .

Download the form from the website and mail the completed form to the NIHDI. They will check your approval and visa data and issue your personal NIHDI number.

Your obligations as a self-employed person

Make sure nothing changes when something changes

4. Make sure nothing changes when something changes

Are you unable to work for a long time due to illness or an accident ? Don't wait until the time comes, but create that extra safety net now. For example, take out guaranteed income insurance. This is a monthly extra payment that you receive in addition to your health insurance benefit.

Your pension may seem a long way off, but know this: the statutory pension for the self-employed is often too low to maintain your standard of living. So it's not a day too soon to save extra via the VAPZ or SVAPZ and Acerta's Life's Pension Plan - NIHDI.  You use your NIHDI allowance to finance your supplementary pension. You also enjoy financial protection in the event of incapacity for work, invalidity and when you have just become a mother.

Be sure to take out professional liability insurance with civil liability as well.
Hopefully you will never need it. But if a professional error happens, you better be well insured against third-party damage.