Acerta will guide you through the necessary steps:

How to start a company in Belgium

Start a company in Belgium

You have made up your mind: you want to start a company in Belgium. Congratulations!

The next question is: what steps do you need to take to get going? What administration should you have in place? Acerta social insurance fund and one-stop shop can guide you through the entire process. We will arrange the basic formalities for you. So you can focus on your business and be sure to take a flying start.

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Starters administration ready in no time with Acerta

Before you can start a company in Belgium and become a self-employed entrepreneur, you have to take care of a few basic formalities:

  1. Activate your company
  2. Activate your VAT number
  3. Join a social insurance fund
  4. Start a pension savings plan
  5. Get the necessary licenses
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This magazine for start-ups is packed with information and know-how to apply to your own business. In addition, it contains exclusive interviews with inspiring entrepreneurs such as Ecossentials, Nona, Witlof and Atelier Lilibo.

Studies show that start-ups that are well prepared are more likely to succeed. That's why our magazine explains important concepts such as turnover, business expenses and profit. You will read all about your new social status, social security contributions and VAT rates. You can start your adventure well prepared and develop a successful business with the help of Acerta.

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Apply for a company number

One of the three basic obligations to start your business is to have it registered with the Crossroads Bank of Enterprises (KBO). They will assign your company number. This unique identification number is like a national registry number of your company: all the information about your company is collected there.

It is mandatory to state your company number on all your business documents.

When you have decided what type of company you want to start, an enterprise counter like Acerta can assist you with the registration at the KBO.

Activate your VAT number

When you are liable to pay VAT, your business number must be registered as a VAT number with the VAT administration. In addition, you will be asked to specify how much turnover you expect annually, and what VAT scheme you choose. You can do this registration yourself. Or you can leave that to us.

At Acerta, we take care of the registration, together with all other basic formalities when you start your business. You can be sure that all required administrative steps that come with starting a company will be organised properly. 

Would you like to know if you are liable to VAT? Or do you want to activate your VAT number? 

Join a social insurance fund

Joining a social insurance fund is your third basic obligation. It is legally mandatory for any self-employed person in Belgium. You will be asked to pay quarterly social contributions to your social insurance fund. With these contributions, you acquire social rights. This means that you are entitled to child benefits, health care, pension, unemployment benefits and informal care benefits.

By choosing Acerta, you are at the right spot: you get the most comprehensive support at the best rate in the country. Our operating cost is as low as 3.05%.

You already have a company number, and you only want to organise your social insurance fund registration? We can take care of that as well!

Pension saving

It is a fact that your basic pension as a self-employed person is low. But that does not have to stop you from taking the jump to self-employment. With the Voluntary Supplementary Pension Scheme for the Self-employed (VSPSS), you can build a nice savings reserve while at the same time collecting an interesting tax advantage from the start.

Acerta calculates your maximum annual premium based on your income, but you decide how much and when you save annually. Want to register right now? Excellent plan! Read the details, and arrange your VSPSS together with the start-up of your business.

Licenses and permits

Some professions require one or more licenses before you can start. A hawker’s or fairground card, for example. Certain activities also require approvals, admissions, registrations and/or reports from the Federal Food Agency, SABAM or other bodies.

Not quite sure which permits apply to your activity? Acerta will provide you with a tailor-made answer. If you wish, we will submit the necessary permit applications on your behalf. On special request, we will also gather any additional required documents that form part of such an application.