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Acerta is the largest HR service provider for starters, self-employed persons, employers and accountants. Our goal is to support entrepreneurs in Belgium with a complete and unparalleled service offer. Payroll, HR, legal advice, transactions and social affairs: we support you in your business processes and guide you step by step through the different growth phases of your company.

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Acerta One-stop shop

Whatever stage you find yourself in as an entrepreneur, Acerta is there by your side. You want to start, expand, move or terminate your business? We advise you, we make sure that the changes are registered with the correct authorities in time, and we guarantee that all legal obligations are met. Are you taking the plunge and starting your own business? Visit our online starter platform and get going in just a few simple steps, or make an appointment in an Acerta office in your area. Your Acerta starter consultant will guide you through the start-up formalities so your business can take a flying start.

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Acerta Social insurance fund

Joining the Acerta social insurance fund as a self-employed person or registering your company with Acerta? Smart move! After all, at Acerta you enjoy the lowest management fees in Belgium, and our personalised service: fast, correct and knowledgeable. We guide you through your social obligations, advise you on a social status that suits you, and support you with allowances and benefits if you need them.

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Acerta payroll agency

Effortlessly manage a powerful payroll administration. Acerta is your professional HR service provider. We actively work together with you to make sure your employees are paid correctly and on time - no matter how complex your payroll might be. We manage wages and personnel data flawlessly and with integrity, and we proactively ensure that you fulfil all your legal obligations. Our user-friendly online payroll applications make payroll processing easier than ever.

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Infino child benefit fund

Child benefit fund Infino is our partner to support families. Any questions you might have about child benefits and other allowances for your employees will be answered. You can also rely on a punctual and correct payment of all family benefits for your employees.

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Afbeelding persoon

Acerta HR service provider

Attracting and recruiting the right people, motivating your employees to perform to the best of their abilities: our HR consultants are here to support you. As an HR service provider, we support you not only with payroll services but also in HR management. You can count on the know-how of our HR consultants for the recruitment and selection of new employees. We unleash the power of your workers with innovative personal development processes, evaluation methods, training and guidance. Do you need legal advice? Feel free to call on our experts for all your HR challenges.

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Sustainability report 2022

Now more than ever, sustainability has become a top of mind topic for any organisation.

As part of the requirements set out in the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CRSD), Acerta is keen to provide transparency on its sustainability policy.

As an HR business, we are committed to sustainable and profitable growth and having a positive social impact, among other things by:

  • reducing our environmental footprint;
  • providing expertise and insights that help raise the quality of work and well-being in our country;
  • delivering advice and solutions that make our customers’ HR policies more sustainable;
  • creating a pleasant, motivating and inclusive working environment for our own employees;
  • ensuring effective and safe cooperation with all our stakeholders;
  • and ensuring the proper, transparent and sedulous implementation of applicable laws and regulations.
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