Cross-border employment made easy

Acerta international payroll services

International employment

International payroll services

Run a correct foreign payroll with the support of our Acerta experts.

Employment in Belgium

Your guarantee for a correct Belgian payroll and personnel administration

Salary Split

Our international payroll services also include support for your employees working in different countries


International employment

Cross-border employment made easy with Acerta’s international payroll services

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Our experts at your service

In need of advice? Acerta guides and assists you as an entrepreneur and your growing business. Whatever your international employment situation is, our experts are here to support you.

Administration and outsourcing

Thinking of branching out internationally? With Acerta by your side this next step towards international employmentbecomes easy to take. Our international payroll services include taking care of all your administration and legal formalities.

Legal know-how

Cross-border employment comes with quite a few legal challenges. Our experts have extensive knowledge of both Belgian and international legislation, offer complete international payroll services, and will guide you every step of the way.

International payroll services

Employing internationally means abiding by international laws and payroll procedures. Our experts know all the ins and outs of international payroll administration and legislation.

Employment in Belgium

Belgian legislation is a complicated matter and imposes many obligations. We guide you through all formalities and support you with hands-on advice.

Cross-border employment

Do you have an employee working in multiple countries? You can count on the Acerta experts to guide you through all legal and administrative formalities.

International audit

Cross-border employment brings along many legal and administrative consequences. How can you be sure that you comply with all requirements? Acerta will find out for you with an international audit. So you will never have to worry again.  

  • Thorough audit: we verify all aspects of your international employment
  • Fully customized: we conduct an audit completely customized to your needs, from 1 single aspect of 1 specific employee to a complete audit of your entire international payroll.
  • Constructive feedback: You receive a thorough analysis of your international employment and, if needed, we can apply the necessary changes.