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Acerta Payroll service provider

Acerta: more than just your payroll service provider

As an employer you want to focus on entrepreneurship, growth, and your employees. Acerta is here to support you with all your payroll and social administration.

Acerta is more than just a payroll service provider. Of course, we make sure your payroll administration runs flawlessly. But we also monitor your legal requirements, give you all the necessary administrative support, and provide you with correct information and targeted advice whenever you need it.

At Acerta we support more than 40,137 employers on a daily basis, and we perform on average 662,000 salary calculations per month.

Reliable payroll service provider

Acerta is your professional partner for the correct and timely payment of your employees. As a payroll service provider, we manage the payment of your social security contributions and payroll taxes, no matter how complex your payroll may be. Do you offer special allowances, or do you need salary estimates? We know all the ins and outs and can answer all your questions. You do not want to spend time on your payroll administration? Our easy-to-use online tools make your performance and payroll processing easier than ever.

Show me the way to an effortless payroll administration

Your guide into unknown territory

Are you hiring your first employee? Acerta will be your guide. We calculate your annual wage costs, guide you through all administrative procedures and ensure that you enter and pay wages quickly and correctly.

Proactive personnel administration

Handling sensitive data such as personal details, wages and company data requires discretion and precision: a reliable payroll service provider as a partner is key. Our Acerta payroll experts process all declarations for your employees with care and handle all formalities with the government authorities down to the last detail. We can also assist you in case of incapacity for work, sick leave or paid educational leave of your employees, and we are here to advise you if you have employees that want to take a career break or early retirement. You can rely on Acerta to proactively think along and look ahead with you.

Do you have legal questions about social topics like recruitment, absences or dismissal? Our legal specialists closely follow up on new legislation and changing guidelines and they share their profound knowledge with you, in a clear and understandable way. They inform you about the different possibilities you might have regarding any allowances and support measures you might be entitled to.

Perfectly tailored to you

Acerta supports you from A to Z with a complete, accessible and personalized service. Your account manager knows your file and your company, has a thorough understanding of your sector and is familiar with the different markets. Our experts can give you all the answers you need to your social and legal questions. As a customer, you have access to our expertise 24-7. You can find all necessary socio-legal information and model documents in your personal space on our online platform, together all the tools you need to run a fluent and correct payroll administration.