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Enhancing personnel policy by looking over the wall

04 May 2022 Kristel Minten Employers

Would you like to know what other companies’ HR policies are like? The switching Talent programme provides you with the opportunity to take a peek behind the scenes at your competitors. With the support of ESF, Acerta links you to a company with which you can exchange ideas freely. A free two-day learning pathway, with the added bonus of being able to build up your professional network.

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Switching Talent: professional speed dating for sharing knowledge

If you want to get behind on a solid HR policy, you might be the new Switcher.  Switching Talent is a short-term programme allowing you to look into what's happening at another organisation – free of charge and without embarrassment. This way, you can find inspiration in areas such as attracting and retaining satisfied employees. And so much more.

Based on a survey, we’ll match you with a company with similar visions and complementary interests. Once there's a match, you can visit each other's companies for two days and exchange ideas on personnel policy and development.

Looking over the wall at your competitors

Every company has its strengths and weaknesses. As a Switcher, being able to see what's going on within your competitors provides you with proper insight into the tactics that work and don't work for them. What do they do differently from you? Does it work better, or not really? At the end of the programme, you’ll return to the workplace with plenty of valuable information, which you can apply in your own organisation. At the same time, you’ll also make lots of new professional contacts.

Moreover, your Acerta coach will give you a helping hand. Entirely tailored to your company

Completely free of charge thanks to the support of ESF

Running an organisation is an intensive and costly task, day in day out. The Switching Talent project is supported by ESF – short for European Social Fund – which provides funds for innovations that contribute to more and better jobs for people. This will give all companies the opportunity to work towards a stronger human resources policy. They also learn how to attract their employees and keep them on board and motivated.

Free insight from your competitors

With Switching Talent, we provide you with the opportunity to take a peek behind the scenes at colleagues. We match you to an organisation with similar interests and vision.

Become a Switcher

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Written by Kristel Minten

HR Projectmanager