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13 HR experts unravel the recipe for motivated employees

07 December 2021 Sabine Goossens Employers

How do you ensure your employees get to work in your organisation with the right motivation? A more than relevant question in times of labour shortages. Fortunately, there is an - almost magical - recipe: the self-determination theory. 13 Acerta Consult HR experts elaborated on that recipe during Acerta's 'ABC' upskilling trajectory, and translated this academically underpinned and evidence-based theory to the work floor. Motivational expert Hermina Van Coillie, Prof. Anja Van den Broeck and Dr Chris Wuytens kicked off.

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ABC as basic ingredients

You may have heard of the ABC? Not the alphabet, but the basic needs of every employee. Autonomy, Bonding and Competence.

  • Autonomy is the feeling of psychological freedom.
  • Bonding is about positive working relationships.
  • Competence is about the feeling of being effective, being able to use talents and self-development.

When you fulfil these three natural basic needs of an employee, it ensures optimal functioning, well-being and growth of the employee.

Key take-aways

Knowledge sharing is power, so we'll give you some insights:

  • Autonomy is not only being in control yourself, but also voluntarily taking a seat as a passenger in a car that drives in the right direction.
  • Everything starts with the right values: both the company and the individual have to believe that intrinsic values (growth, social relevance, relationships...) are the right compass for sustainable careers, and not extrinsic values such as money and status.
  • What you think is what you get:¬† your perception of people often determines how they behave.
  • The well-known parable of the sand in the hand is also reflected in the ABC story: give people space (open hand, like a small scale) also in the execution of their work, then they feel more competent, more autonomous and more involved.

Tastes like more

Our consultants are eager to translate their insights to the work floor and those of our clients. To be continued, no doubt.

Do you want to invest in a motivating HR policy?

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Written by Sabine Goossens

Hr project manager

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