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Acerta's first sustainability report online

28 September 2023 Employers
Christophe Deroose

The importance of ESG in our society and within our organisations is omnipresent. Providing insight into your policies and the sustainability topics your company will be working on in a transparent manner will be a key challenge in 2024. Are you ready to travel down this road?

As a professional partner, Acerta Consult will assist you towards a proper sustainability policy. By creating the first report on how we apply sustainability in our own organisation, we are setting the right example ourselves.

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Sustainability within your organisation: exactly how does this work?

Over the last years sustainability has become an important aspect within the broad spectrum of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance). Companies are thinking more about how they can (continue to) do business in a sustainable and socially responsible way, also because their various stakeholders are paying close(er) attention to this.

This topic will also remain high on the agenda in the coming years, partly because, influenced by European legislation, companies will have to report on their material sustainability themes. Note, however, that this report should not be a sole objective. A thorough sustainability strategy is a win-win for companies: it contributes to employer branding, it can optimise business processes and attract investors.


What is ESG?


What does it mean? Dealing with environmental issues and identifying and addressing their effects on business operations.

How to implement it?  By thinking about CO2 emissions and sustainable mobility, energy consumption, water use and waste management.



What does it mean? Dealing with human capital and other stakeholders

How to implement it?  By focusing on sustainable careers, a sustainable welfare policy, an inclusive workplace, as well as sustainable customer and supplier relationships.


What does it mean? Dealing with internal company structures and processes

How to implement it? By thinking about remuneration policies, composition of governing bodies and data security and management.

Sustainability policy translated into practice

Once you have designed your strategy, you can assign targeted action points for each aspect.
In doing so, Acerta is launching various schemes to reduce the negative environmental impact of its operations. Our focus areas? Energy consumption, travel, paper and water consumption and waste. As such, in 2022, we substantially reduced energy consumption at our Leuven headquarters!

Taking a sustainable long-term approach to careers is also an important aspect of our sustainability policy. Both within our own organisation and among our clients, we find that attracting and retaining talent against the background of the current labour shortage is high on the agenda. This requires a different approach that focuses on the potential of your current and new employees.

Want to explore our approach to sustainable business practices?

Download our sustainablility report 2022 by filling in the form. We hope you will enjoy it!

Acerta will only use your personal data to respond to your question or to provide you with the information requested.

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Written by Christophe Deroose

CEO, Acerta

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