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Helping laid-off employees find a new job? Offer (voluntary) redundancy assistance

05 May 2021 Employers
Benoit Caufriez

Discharging an employee is never fun, but it is - especially in times of crisis - sometimes unavoidable. However, the departure does not leave employers unmoved, because more and more organizations are using voluntary redundancy assistance (outplacement). And that's a good thing, since the search for a new job has taken an extra month and a half on average since the corona crisis.

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Search takes almost half a year

In corona times, dismissed employees take on average just under six months (5.9 months) to find a new job. This is evident from an analysis by Acerta of 2,400 employees who were outplaced. In 2019, the average time between two contracts was one and a half months less. Why does it take longer to find a new job now? There are four main reasons.

1. Processing a dismissal takes time

In corona times, it's harder than ever psychologically to deal with a lay-off. Employees need more time, and are therefore less ready to take on a new professional challenge.

2. Economic uncertainty

Economic uncertainty also plays a role. In certain sectors, the corona crisis has made working less attractive, while other sectors have in fact become more popular (e.g. the IT and care sectors). However, a quick switch to another job is not always possible, because some jobs require specific training.

3. Application procedures take longer in corona times

The application periods in 2020 often lasted a lot longer than usual. This was partly because of the economic uncertain situation. Application procedures were discontinued, or dragged on longer. But it was also due to corona measures (working from home, social distancing, etc.) which presented an additional obstacle for job interviews.

4. In search of meaning

People think more thoroughly about what they want to do. Because of the disappearance of many (social) activities, there was more time for that too. Previously obvious career choices, are now being questioned. The social relevance of a job gains importance when choosing a job. Jobs in healthcare or education, for example, were given a more attractive image. But the self-employed status (whether or not in a secondary occupation) also became an option.

Voluntary outplacement as a life buoy

The positive news is that employers are increasingly using voluntary counselling for their redundant employees. In 2020, Acerta launched 170% more outplacement projects than in 2019. Employers sympathize with their dismissed employees and offer them a good chance to find employment elsewhere.

Outplacement with Acerta

Would you like to give your former employees all the tools they need to take their careers back into their own hands, and strengthen their employability? Rely on the expertise of Acerta's experienced outplacement consultants.

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Written by Benoit Caufriez