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Leasing a bike through work has never been more popular

19 September 2023 Charlotte Thijs Employers

Company bikes are very much in evidence on our Belgian roads. As many as 25% more employees opted for a bike lease this year. With hybrid working, there is less daily commuting, but there are still quite a few workers who commute back and forth.

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Bicycle leases through flexible remuneration

Like (company) cars, bicycles form part of a flexible pay package. It is a great way for companies to let employees compile their own pay package. Benefit to employees? They pay for this leased bike from their gross salary. A requirement is that they actually commute to and from work by bike.

Bicycle allowance increases

The kilometres which the employee travels between home and work on their leased bike are also eligible for a bicycle allowance. This in itself partially repays the cost of the lease. A bicycle allowance has even been mandatory since May 2023.

Not only is the number of bicycle allowances rising sharply, but also the average number of kilometres ridden. With the continuing trend towards e-bikes, more and more employees are choosing to make longer commutes by bike.

Going to work by electric means

As well as bicycles, company cars are increasingly electric. Almost a quarter of company vehicles are now plug-in vehicles. From 2026, only cars with zero COemissions will be eligible for a tax deduction. So by offering (hybrid) electric lease cars, you will be putting your organisation on the map as a green and attractive employer.

The use of (green) mobility is, therefore, a must for your organisation. In this way, you will be giving your employees a say in the composition of their pay package. As an employer, it can be of financial benefit and you will also be contributing to a climate-friendly world.

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Written by Charlotte Thijs

Senior Consultant Acerta

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