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The Great Resignation, in Belgium too?

31 January 2022 Jackie Klaster Employers

In the United States, more workers than ever are reported to be voluntarily quitting their jobs. The phenomenon was named 'The Great Resignation'. Are we seeing the same trend in the Belgian labour market? The answer is yes, but to a limited extent.

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Job mobility peaks

At the beginning of the corona pandemic, there was a near standstill on the Belgian labour market. Due to uncertainty on the one hand, and the support measures on the other, fewer open-ended contracts were terminated and fewer new contracts were concluded.

In 2021, however, there was once again more mobility on the Belgian labour market, especially compared to the coronary year 2020. More employment contracts were terminated (+31%), but more were also concluded (+32%). Also, in comparison to pre-coronary 2019, in 2021 there was an increase in both new (+4.8%) and terminated contracts (+18.1%).

Employee initiative

When a contract termination was involved in 2021, it was usually at the initiative of the employee. Only in 17% of cases was the dismissal at the initiative of the employer. This is the lowest percentage in the last three years. It is mainly younger employees, aged between 25 and 35, who want to take more control of their career.

Focus on retention

How can a company respond to this movement in the labour market in times of labour shortages? On the one hand, you have to be able to put your company in the spotlight in order to find suitable staff, but you must not forget your retention policy either. You certainly do not want to lose the talent you already have in your organisation.

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Increase the motivation of your employees by using the ABC model, a scientifically supported theory that allows you to focus on the basic needs of your employees (Autonomy, Bonding and Competence). And don't forget the role of the managers, because they are the direct line between your organisation and your employees. With managers who apply the ABC model, you can certainly count on a highly motivated team.

Motivating HR policy with the ABC model

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Written by Jackie Klaster

Consultant Acerta Career Center

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