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Will temporarily unemployed workers lose their holiday entitlements in 2021?

22 October 2021 Nele Mertens Employers

Employers affected by the corona crisis can put their employees on temporary unemployment since March 2020. In principle, the temporary unemployment days due to corona do not count for the calculation of holidays and holiday pay the following year. However, in 2020, a Royal Decree made an exception to this, and thus the temporary unemployment days that had not been worked on, were assimilated. Meanwhile,  we also have news about the holiday entitlements of workers who were temporarily unemployed in 2021.

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Government decides on holiday rights

An agreement has been reached on the holiday entitlements of workers who were temporarily unemployed in 2021. The days not worked (due to temporary unemployment) this year, will again be counted towards next year's holiday entitlement. The government has informed the social partners of this. Good news for your employees, because they will not lose any holidays or holiday pay. But there is also good news for you as an employer, because - just like last year - compensation is provided for the additional costs of this equality.

Government covers additional costs

Employers who employ white-collar workers who were temporarily unemployed pay the single and double holiday pay for their white-collar workers themselves. Because of the assimilation, there is an additional cost for employers, for which the government provides financial compensation. In 2020, the government has made provision for 93 million euros to cover the additional cost. The NSSO then distributed this amount. This year, the government also provides financial compensation: a budget of more than 153 million euro is provided to offset the additional cost. The agreement still has to be converted into a Royal Decree and the exact method of compensation is not yet known.

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