Whistleblower reports

The Belgian Whistleblower Act of November 28 2022 requires companies with 250 or more employees to provide a channel to report wrongdoing and fraud. This Act came about through a Belgian transposition of the ‘EU Whistleblower Protection Directive’.  

In response to this legislation, Acerta has put in place the relevant steps to set up this legally required reporting platform for our clients and partners. 

Want to report presumed or actual wrongdoing and fraud? You can now do so by entering your report using this link: https://acerta.integrity.complylog.com. This link also allows you to enter your report anonymously. As soon as you have entered a report, you will be sent a token that will enable you to track the status of your report. In addition, in all cases you will be sent confirmation of receipt within seven calendar days. Our company lawyer investigates and processes each report without bias. Within three months of receipt, we will inform you of the steps we have taken. 

Your anonymity and protection as the reporter are essential components of this new legislation. Which is why our whistleblower channel offers assurances that every report will be treated in the strictest confidence. Our company lawyer will not disclose your identity in this process and you will not be disadvantaged in any way as a result of your report.