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You want to focus efficiently, easily and clearly on your company strengths. That's why, at Acerta, you choose a service tailored to your needs. Together, we will achieve healthy results and a bright future.

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Take it easy with Acerta as your payroll service provider

Helping your business grow, that is what drives us. Acerta, and our international partner network, will support you every step of the way. You can count on our complete service and practical support 24-7.

  • Acerta is always available.

Whatever your question is: we are ready for you. You can reach out to one of our 26 offices. Or you can contact us online, 24-7.

  • Acerta grows with you.

Your business is growing? Congratulations! We support you, nationally and internationally, in every stage of the process.

  • Acerta provides it all.

Starting up or making changes in your business? Acerta is your social security office, payroll service provider and HR support, all in one!

Sustainability report 2022

Now more than ever, sustainability has become a top of mind topic for any organisation.

As part of the requirements set out in the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CRSD), Acerta is keen to provide transparency on its sustainability policy.

As an HR business, we are committed to sustainable and profitable growth and having a positive social impact, among other things by:

  • reducing our environmental footprint;
  • providing expertise and insights that help raise the quality of work and well-being in our country;
  • delivering advice and solutions that make our customers’ HR policies more sustainable;
  • creating a pleasant, motivating and inclusive working environment for our own employees;
  • ensuring effective and safe cooperation with all our stakeholders;
  • and ensuring the proper, transparent and sedulous implementation of applicable laws and regulations.
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