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Gotta catch ‘em all: Unity snags Acerta as HR specialist


If the name 'Unity Technologies' doesn't ring a bell right away, 'Pokémon Go' will no doubt do. Founded in Copenhagen in 2004, technology company Unity supplies software to develop games. Among others, the globally popular Pokémon game was built with Unity3D. And to develop their HR policy in Belgium, Unity teamed up with Acerta.

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Ghent meets Copenhagen

It all started in 2019, when Danish Unity took over the Ghent company Graphine. Suddenly, they had six Belgian employees on the payroll in Copenhagen. And Unity may have a lot of expertise in modern technologies and game development, but they did not have much experience with the Belgian labour market and legislation. It was therefore time to take on a partner with that knowledge. Something that is very crucial for a high-speed changing sector, and at a time when the labour market is changing at a rapid pace.

“If it ain’t broken, why fix it?”

Graphine was already an Acerta client. And as they were satisfied with this cooperation in Ghent, in Denmark and in the other offices they found it quite normal to continue this cooperation. Else Schou, EMEA Payroll Manager at Unity, explains: “Belgian legislation was new to us all. It made sense working with Acerta, as we received good feedback from our new colleagues in the Graphine Team. If it ain’t broken, why fix it? Graphine connected me with Acerta’s consultants, who are now in charge of our payroll in Belgium.

Efficient payroll outsourcing

The services Acerta provides for Unity are more lightweight, with a few exceptions. The payroll in Belgium is quite complex, and so are the stock options and remuneration. “But I completely trust the instructions and advice we get from Acerta. The consultants are highly qualified and customer oriented with a strong will to help. The response time is fast, and they are all very friendly with a strong will to help. We are quite satisfied with the cooperation. Acerta therefore gets my full recommendation.

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