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Recruit your first employee and get a discount

06 November 2020 Nele Mertens Employers

Are you taking the exciting step towards recruiting your first employee? That's not easy, and you should also take the expense of your extra help into account. Fortunately, there are benefits you are entitled to when you start as a new employer. Just think of the NSSO benefit in case of initial recruitment, a measure that is extended (perhaps even permanently). 

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NSSO benefit on first recruitment

For the recruitment of your first six employees, you will receive discounts on the invoice you have to pay to the NSSO every quarter. You will pay fewer employer contributions to Social Security for thirteen quarters. The recruitment of your very first employee even earns you a 25 percent write-off of the basic contributions, calculated on the gross salary you have agreed with your employee. So you don't have to pay the 25 percent to hire the very first employee. In addition, this exemption applies indefinitely. The recruitment of the next five employees also results in discounts, but these are lower and for a limited time. More information about these measures can be found on www.eerstewerknemer.be.

Definite extension of the measure?

This measure is currently only valid until 31 December 2020. However, the federal coalition agreement stipulated that there would be an extension. And this has now been clarified in a report by federal Minister for the self-employed and SMEs, Clarinval. The extension will be in place until 31 December 2021. In the next year there will be an evaluation of the measure's success. If the measure still ensures job creation, there may be a final extension.

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