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Nearly half of all employers are considering outsourcing

28 August 2020 Cleo Kinnaer Employers

Outsourcing is a proven option for those who want to reduce costs. And let's face it: every employer wants less costs, especially in corona times. If you consider all the pros and cons, you can only conclude that outsourcing helps your business grow in a sustainable way. A survey by Acerta shows that 45% of employers are open to outsourcing their HR administration.

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Outsourcing to function better as an organisation

Outsourcing is an efficient way to keep your business up and running and to ensure continuity. Do you lack certain skills and expertise? If you want all processes to proceed correctly, even when you don't have all the skills in-house, outsourcing is the solution to let your organisation flourish and save money.

It is striking that almost half of employers (45%) acknowledges that outsourcing the HR administration would improve the functioning of their organisation. This mainly concerns the outsourcing of payroll tool management (30%), personnel administration (25%) and the payroll itself (25%).

In addition, 1 in 3 employers indicate that they would function even better if their employees could ask questions directly to an expert with knowledge. Time savings and increased quality, accessibility and employee satisfaction are the main reasons for outsourcing their staff's questions directly.

Lower threshold to international employment

Did you know that you can also easily outsource HR issues around international employment? As many as 6 out of 10 of the employers who participated in our survey, do not have foreign workers on their payroll, even though they acknowledge scarcity in the Belgian labour market. They are put off not only by the language and cultural differences, but the differences in legislation and pay also prevent them from employing foreigners.

80% of employers with foreign workers in Belgium and 70% of employers with foreign workers abroad do not yet outsource their personnel management. However, outsourcing can also be an interesting option for foreign companies, as it allows them to circumvent the differences in legislation and pay in a legally correct way.

What you do yourself, isn't always done better

For many employers, outsourcing is a matter of 'letting go' and 'daring', because you would be giving up some control. The opposite is true: You decide yourself which aspects of your HR administration you will outsource.

Besides, you get so much more in return. Our experts are flexibly at your service and ensure that everything is implemented in accordance with the law. Thus, you can focus on what really matters to you as an employer. If it's not a priority for you to invest in knowledge and keeping your payroll software up-to-date, Acerta is happy to take over the management of you. If you prefer not to take risks in terms of the monthly wage calculation or arranging all insurance, leave that to our consultants who work with this every day. Do you want to get rid of the hassles involving HR administration of a full or specific group of employees, such as foreign employees? That's also possible.

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Written by Cleo Kinnaer

Manager Acerta Consult

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