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Starten als consultant

Starting as an independent IT business consultant

Would you like to share your knowledge and expertise on a freelance basis after years of employment as an IT specialist? Then a career as an independent IT business consultant is a logical next step. As a freelancer you enjoy a lot of freedom, but you also have a lot of obligations. In order to be well prepared to start your own business, we have listed all the important issues.
Your step-by-step plan

Main or secondary occupation?

Choosing your company form

2. Choosing your company form

Those who start as freelancers often do so under a one-man business. But sometimes it is wiser to set up a company. In any case: every form of business has its advantages and disadvantages. Don't know which form of business suits your plans best? This Acerta test tells you which form of company you should choose.


Joining a social insurance fund

3. Joining a social insurance fund

All self-employed people, including in secondary employment, are obliged to join a social insurance fund such as Acerta. Why? Because you have to pay social contributions to the government just like employees. They pay this monthly through their wages, you pay this quarterly through the social insurance fund.

Based on your status and income, the social insurance fund calculates the exact amount you have to pay. In return, your social security such as health insurance, pension accrual and child benefits are guaranteed. You pay an administrative cost to your social insurance fund for the management, and at Acerta this is the lowest on the market.

Are you self-employed as a secondary occupation? Then you pay a solidarity contribution every quarter. Your social security is guaranteed through your salaried job.

Your health insurance fund

4. Notify your health insurance fund

In addition to your membership of a social insurance fund, you must inform your health insurance fund of your new status. Do you choose Acerta? Then we'll do it for you.

Your registration with the CBC

5. Your registration with the CBC

As a freelancer, you work at the client's premises or in many cases at home. You may not be opening a physical office, but that doesn't change your obligations. For example, you have to register in the CBC register of the Crossroads Bank of Companies (Kruispuntbank van Ondernemingen, CBC). After this, you will receive your company number with which customers and suppliers can identify you.

Please note: your company number is not the same as your VAT number. Yes, they are the same digits today, but you have to activate your VAT number separately. Are you starting small? Then you can apply for a VAT exemption.

A safety net for now and later